5 Minutes With David Helbock

How was it like playing all around the world, China, Africa, South America and now, Malaysia?

It’s great to visit other countries outside of Europe, which we are not really used to. It’s really amazing to find new audiences. 

I understand that you studied classical piano in Austria. How did you came about to be a jazz pianist?

My first piano teacher was really open and we started with Bach, Mozart and Beethoven but very soon she taught me little jazz pieces. 

You’re also a composer and I was really impressed that you wrote over 600 pages of music (1 piece a day) in 2010. Who or what inspired you to start this project?

It was inspired by Hermeto Pascoal, a Brazilian composer and piano player. He did the same in 1998 and it is called the Calendar of Sounds where everybody will have its birthday piece. We actually played a lot of them and one interesting piece is the Christmas song, 25 December. 

Where do you hope to be (as an artist) in the next 5 years?

I have a few projects in mind, I’ve a trio coming up with 2 horns players and I like working with different musicians from all backgrounds to establish the band sounds that we have. We have influences from different kinds of music and a lot of it is improvisation. I was a fan of metal for quite a long time, but also pop music and classical music. Even today, I will be performing the rearrangement of Beethoven.

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