5 Minutes With Jakob Dinesen

In a few words describe your  music to someone who has not heard it before.

Tonight is a tribute to one of the most beautiful jazz artist, John Coltrane. There’s a beautiful movie on Netflix right now, it’s called “Chasing Trane” about the life of John Coltrane. I would encourage every music lover to watch it.

You SPEND a few months every winter in Thailand. What is the jazz scene like in Thailand?

Great, very beautiful. There are definitely many promising musicians and events happening there. In fact, I’m currently doing production and recordings there.

your CD “Yasmin”, dedicated to your wife, has just won “Record of the year” -chosen by the critics from ‘Jazz Special’. What is so special about the album?

It’s romantic. It speaks of my feelings for my wife.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing?

It started off more innocent and now I feel I’m developing my playing as I meet people and play music together.

Who are your biggest influences?

John Coltrane would be one of them. He only lived 40 years but he made incredible music that speaks about peace. His sound evolved from bebop and hard bop to world music that involves Black gospel music, Eastern religion and African rhythm.

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