5 Minutes with Jay Anderson

1. You’ve played with some of the biggest names in Jazz. Do you think the appreciation for jazz is declining or is there a lot more to look forward to?

 I say yes to both questions. With so many other distractions in day to day life, I think the public has less interest in the arts in general. Having said that, there will always be creative people that need to express themselves and people interested in what they are doing.

 2. Do you think there is a difference in jazz appreciation between audiences here and in the west?

 I’m always grateful to the audiences who come out and support the music. I think that in general, the audiences in the East have gotten interested in the music and what it represents more recently. I can feel their sense of discovery.

3. You are involved in education – do kids today have the same level of patience and dedication that would have been expected of you when you were learning?

The jazz education of my peers (and before) was more apprentice based. Learning by doing. Now it’s more institutionalized. Both are valid and involve people dedicated to their art/craft.

 4. What was it like playing in Singapore and Malaysia, and specifically No Black Tie, in such an intimate venue?

 I love playing in this part of the world. Discovering new culture(s), meeting new friends, the food….

I loved No Black Tie. Evelyn is dedicated to the music and the club reflects that dedication and pride.

 5. What was the last album you listened to, an why would you recommend it?

I listen to so many different types of music, it’s hard to say. I listen to jazz, R & B, classical, folk, Brazilian, funk, free jazz, ambient, music from around the world…..everything.

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