5 Minutes With Kendraka

In a few words describe your music to someone who has not heard it before.

It’s contemporary Indian music. Its completely contemporary Indian, there’s no label of any genre attached because there’s influences of everything we’ve gone through. Especially life.

How was your first experience being on national TV (LIVE) in Malaysia?

It was awesome, because all the CDs that we brought to the station disappeared. Haha. It was very nice. The reception to our music was very positive. Everyone was very welcoming to us.

How is Kendraka different than other fusion jazz bands out there?

I wouldn’t say that we’re fusion. That’s an “F” word! (laughs) The correct word would be synthesis. Each of us has different backgrounds. And when all these different elements are presented to each of us, we interpret it in our own way. And we play, that’s what happens. We give whatever imprint we have in the music. We have a bona fide kind of music. This is the contemporary Indian music of 2012.

What is the jazz scene like in India?

It’s very diverse. There’s the pop scene, Bollywood, rock scene, there’s new scenes, new forms of music coming up everyday which is brilliant, and everyone is open to it. Indian classical music is obviously there and is huge across the world. One thing about India is its got so many different states and languages. So many forms of indigenous music. And because of globalization, all these types of music are shaking hands with whatever people are listening to across borders and this is a beautiful thing

How is the flow of ideas when Kendraka composes music? (Who starts it out? Is there a particular objective in each song?)

Well the flow of ideas comes from impulses. It comes from the intensity of our emotions, experiences and it transcend into a song. There’s no particular intent of writing a song, ever. If something happens which is, what we would describe as strong, it could be good, it could be bad, it could be dizzy with happiness, or so pissed off our heads would blow up, angry, so disappointed you want to cry. That’s when a song happens.

Why NBT?

Why not? NBT is a premier live music in Malaysia and Evelyn has been really supportive. And after coming here, we feel that we want to come back whenever we can. The audience is superb. The response that we get is so warm. They’re very attentive. Before we came here, NBT was an extension of our album promo tour. The songs you hear tonight. But when we walked in here, we felt a special vibe. There’s positivity in the air, so other things happened on stage apart from what we planned. We would recommend NBT to every serious artist on the planet.

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