5 Minutes with Leo Gandelman

You work across films soundtrack and telenovelas – which are very different forms. Do you have different musical approaches for each of these  mediums. 

I love working with images and creating music for images because I am also a photographer. For me, images are exciting, but in a movie you really need to find the exact spot to put the music. And for soap operas and telenovelas you just need to send them the music and they select the spot to put the songs. That’s pretty much the difference. 

You are a musical ambassador for Brazil given your track record – what do you think makes Brazilian music so appealing and how do you try to keep people interested in its culture

I think that our music for sure is our most important cultural export. Brazilian musicians are much more interested in musicality than about technique. Brazilian music is important for the world as we brought some styles like Bossa Nova and Samba-Jazz that has spread all over the world and have created a new perspective for music. For me, it is an honour to be a Brazilian musician.

Do you mentor any young Brazilian artists? Who do you recommend we look out for

Well, Eduardo Farrias who is the piano player accompanying me here in Malaysia – he is a genius. He is an excellent musician. He is 30yrs old and I am 62. As soon as I met him, we started a very strong relationship musically and we have a CD together. We definitely plan to have more collaborations in the future. I would point to Eduardo Farias as being a musical genius.

What was your impression of NBT, and jazz in particular in Southeast Asia

I’m very pleased to play at No Black Tie, it’s a very nice club in terms of sound, architecture and the backline equipment. It features a Fazioli piano and  perfect acoustics. I was received here in a very warm way. So, I have a feeling that people here in Malaysia are really open to hear and enjoy good music. Congratulations to everybody at No Black Tie, it’s a very fine jazz club. I would recommend to everybody to go to watch some shows here and also to musicians, to play at this club because it is a very prestigious place. 

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