5 Minutes with Ta’dan

Ta’dan were the winners of the inaugural Borneo Jazz Talent Search – a jazz educational outreach program spearheaded by No Black Tie in conjunction with the Borneo Jazz Festival 2018. No Black Tie was also the co-organiser and curator of Borneo Jazz Festival 2018. 


Tell us about Ta’Dan.

Ta’Dan consists of Prosta & Daniel – a combination of our names. We’re a duo from Miri, and we invite musicians from around Sabah & Sarawak as sessionists. We love Jazz Fusion, the improvisation and the freedom. 

When did you start writing about music—and what or who were your early passions and influences? 

We started as a cover band playing at functions, about 2-3 years ago. Early influences includes Jeff Beck, Tohpati, Dewa Budjana, Mike Stern, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Carter Beauford & many more. 

What would be your advice for aspiring bands wanting to participate in next year’s Borneo Jazz Talent Search?

The best we can suggest is to just have fun and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Every person/music is different and that is beautiful. When we entered BJTS 2018, we didn’t expect to score a place in the finals. But we decided to create music as best we can, which represents us. By doing that, it brought us joy when playing & sharing it with everyone else. 

How do you feel about your debut performance at NBT?

Awesome! For sure its gonna be Lit, at least for us . We never imagined to be here, but here we are. NBT is a big name for us in Miri and Sarawak. Being able to perform inside is a blessing and never did we imagine that we were to ever set foot on this stage. 

What will your next step be?

We are in the midst of recording and producing our EP. Hopefully, we can release it early next year. The EP will include all our originals and feature musicians mostly from Miri & Kuching. In the future, we hope we’ll be able to collaborate with many more musicians and expand our friendships.

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