No Black Tie Virtual

No Black Tie Virtual is a project by NBT, that was born because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This unprecedented situation has shown the world just how fragile live music industry is, with festivals cancelled and venues all around the world already closed for a year and still counting. But when a door closes, a window opens. Or at least that is how NBT decided to approach these challenging circumstances. 

Driven by a passion for music and a mission for facilitating cross-cultural understanding, NBT decided to innovate, to look to the future and start a new project – No Black Tie Virtual. This venture sees NBT sharing the rich and extensive archive of the club (No Black Tie Virtual: Archive), while at the same time taking the initiative to produce new and exciting content (No Black Tie Virtual: Live) to be featured online for a global audience.

In order for No Black Tie Virtual to become a success and NBT to be able to produce as well as deliver new content, we are kindly asking for your help. All NBT Virtual Archive videos will be available for free, but any donation you care to make will help insure our ability to bring you great music. Your patronage is crucial to us at this point.

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No Black Tie Virtual: Archive
Ivory Series (Mei Lin Hii & Arnaud Blondel)

enjoy the first NBT Virtual archival footage here.